The $12,000 Porsche: A Critical Lesson in IT Project Cost Control

I love Porsches. They always captured my attention as a child, and I told myself I’d own one someday. The sound, the quirky design, everything about them is perfect. One of my favorites is the 944, in production until 1991. It was a departure from Porsche’s typical design, so it isn’t terribly desirable to hardcore Porsche collectors. Some are listed for as low as $1,500—an attainable price point for me!

Recently, I went to check out a 944 for sale and priced on the low end. I found little things here and there that would require repair. After some research, I learned these small items would cost a significant amount of time, money and effort to fix, even if I did my own work.

The story was the same with other cars I saw in the same price range. One needed a timing belt replacement ($1,900 at a shop). Another needed a cooling system overhaul (between $1,100 and $1,600). Even discounting labor, the parts alone would completely blow my budget.

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