Mikhail Papovsky, CEO

Mikhail has been actively delivering value from IT initiatives throughout his career. He started in operations, development, and database administration, and used this experience to build a strategic vision for other IT areas. As an internal IT executive, Mikhail has handled administration, budgeting, RFP issue, outsourcing management, and other areas.

In 1996, Mikhail founded Abraic to help organizations improve outcomes from their IT investments. He has served in various roles for engagements spanning across many industry segments and international boundaries. Mikhail’s deep ERP experience is especially critical as it links business value streams with IT solutions. His BI solutions experience enables him to effectively implement tracking and execution of strategies. Managing large-scale projects across multiple cultures has honed his leadership and technical skills, which enable Mikhail and his team to expertly handle diverse IT engagements.

Mikhail also served as an Independent Director for Palladium, a global consulting firm focused on strategy execution.

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Andy Nemtzow

Andy has over 30 years of IT leadership, consulting, and project management experience driving business transformation. As an IT director at a global consumer electronics company, he was accountable for the ERP plan, build, deploy, and run teams supporting Supply Chain, Finance, Human Resources, Engineering, and Sales organizations. He was instrumental in the development and deployment of IT and corporate strategy, he directed teams responsible for Project and Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture, Vendor Management, Business Planning, Software Quality Assurance, and Business Intelligence.

Andy is trained a Lean Six Sigma black belt. He championed and managed the adoption of Lean Six Sigma and Agile, resulting in higher quality, lower delivery costs, and improved responsiveness for his business partners. As a consulting manager, he successfully delivered high quality IT services to manufacturing, high tech, and banking clients. As an Adjunct Professor, Andy has lectured on IT Strategy, Technology, and Business Process to MBA and Undergraduate students.

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Max Milendorf

A goal-oriented project delivery executive with a proven track record of value-driven achievements in healthcare and technology, Max knows project and program management inside and out. As an experienced management consultant, he is conscientious and keenly focused on strategic planning, process improvement & standardization, and cross-functional team leadership.

Max also brings deep knowledge of health care systems and big data to the Abraic team. His functional expertise is in population health management tools, clinical/claims data exchange, healthcare data analytics and quality measures, IT strategy and infrastructure.

Max is driven to help clients get maximum value out of their technology investments, and achieve their strategic, tactical, and operational goals.

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Alex Alaev

Alex is one of the best ERP software consultants in the field.

He has two decades of JDE experience under his belt, including full implementations, software re-engineering, system upgrades, custom developments, interface design, and data migration.

A long-time Abraic team member, Alex is a director in charge of overseeing client engagements, pairing techno-functional experience with a management role.

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Andrey Alekseyev

As a consultant, Andrey keenly assesses clients’ IT operations, makes recommendations for improvements, and implements new processes.

Andrey also acts as an engagement coordinator by liaising between Abraic’s technical experts and client-side business users.

He has become a proven asset in many areas, including technical consultation for JDE software, assisting the Abraic engagement team with maintenance, support, extractions, and data cleanup.

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Aaron Blanchard

As an on-site project manager, Aaron’s thoughtful and analytical approach make him an exceptional part of Abraic. Aaron is responsible for working alongside technical and business-side teams, supporting the strategic planning process, and process development. His experience with statistical modeling and advanced data analysis, coupled with his excellent ability to make strategic decisions make him a key player in any engagement.

Before joining Abraic, Aaron earned his MBA from Bentley University with a concentration in Business Analytics.

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Sam Aleksanyan

\Serving clients directly as one of our key “boots on the ground” resources, Sam is a perceptive, highly driven, valuable member of the Abraic team.

As a process implementer, he performs and coordinates a wide range of tasks required to make a given client engagement successful. His responsibilities include supporting end users of finance and database modules, delivering training and documentation, troubleshooting, scrubbing data, reporting, deploying communications plans, and much more.

Sam has industry experience in professional services and retail. With AmeriCorps, he earned the highest tier Congressional Award for Service a single-year NCCC service member can achieve.

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James Healey

As a consultant and project facilitator, James delivers organized methodologies and disciplined collaboration to assist clients with strategy execution.

By working with technical and business-facing teams, James supports and monitors the frameworks driving success. His entrepreneurial experience and leadership focus enables him to quickly adapt to challenges presented with any project.

James earned his BBA from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a concentration in information systems.

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Dan Hopmans

Dan is a Certified Associate Project Manager and responsible for onsite coordination, facilitation, and project delivery. A natural leader, effective communicator, and quick study, Dan excels at driving project tasks toward a beneficial outcome. He has strong experience with end-user support, financial analysis, and governance.

Dan earned his BBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. While in college, Dan served as president of Students for Ending Homelessness, an organization that provided advocacy services to the homeless in Amherst in collaboration with the Craig’s Place Homeless Shelter.

Even before graduating, Dan made a positive impact as an intern on the Abraic team. He contributed greatly to key marketing projects, internal operations, and the production of key deliverables for clients.

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Deirdre Martyn

Deirdre is a result-oriented consultant with a background in Information Systems. Deirdre earned her BBA in Operations and Information Management, a minor in Information Technology and a certificate in ERP training from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

While in college, Deirdre was a part of a pro-bono consulting group, which helped local businesses with IT and operational problems, and held a captain position for the Division I NCAA Cross Country and Track and Field teams. Additionally, she was a teaching assistant for both Undergraduate and MBA level classes with a focus on high-performance organizations and lean-management consulting.

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Wes Hopmans

Wes is an outcomes-oriented strategist who knows how to drive project results through his PM skills. His leadership is a key factor in any project he takes on, and his extensive experience gives Wes a strong foundation from which he produces great results.

Wes has had an illustrious career as an IT leader, including 20 years as a CIO. Since 1986, he has been in charge of a multitude of global departments and cross-functional teams, multimillion-dollar operating budgets, system designs and integrations, and process re-engineering projects.

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Christopher Serlin

Having worked with Abraic on many projects since 1998, Chris is a seasoned ERP expert. His 20+ years of working with ERP software, along with exceptional people skills, make him an invaluable asset in any engagement.

Chris has strong analytical abilities, as well as experience with design, implementation, and support of complex business systems. He is the best in the business when it comes to identifying and closing gaps between Business Processes and off-the-shelf systems.

Kevin Sheehy

Kevin is a key factor in driving results in Abraic engagements. His detail-oriented and analytical mind, and a thorough knowledge of SDLC, make him a fantastic QA resource.

In his more than 20 years of QA experience, Kevin has become vastly skilled in devising creative solutions to complex testing challenges. His experience spans from delivering high-quality, multi-layered enterprise platforms, to working as a scrum master on agile software development teams.

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