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Aaron Blanchard

Aaron helps IT organizations with strategic planning, process development, and project management functions. He consistently brings an analytical perspective and thoughtful approach to each engagement.

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Divergence - When the Business Doesn't Take IT's Advice

Dealing with Divergence: When the Business Doesn’t Take IT’s Advice

You’ve just completed a lengthy requirements gathering phase with business users and are evaluating 3 software solutions. The solutions vary in price, but all 3 meet your “must-have” requirements.

The highest-priced solution offers extensive capabilities which were identified as “nice-to-haves” that would ease multiple pain points. You appreciate the importance of these features and the positive impact they could have on the business.

You present the potential solutions, heavily stressing the benefits of the nice-to-have features: ease of use, visual data reporting, compatibility with third party solutions, and more.

At the end of day, it’s the team’s decision, and the bottom line is all too influential. They select the cheapest option.

Now what?


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