Alex Alaev

Alex Alaev

Alex's decades-long PM track record and deep ERP system expertise make him one of the best IT consultants in the field. He's managed complex IT projects of all types: full implementations, upgrades, custom developments, interface designs, data migrations, and more.

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The 3 Lists that Control the Success of Every IT Project

Preface: In a perfect world, key elements like project requirements and execution steps would be issued by a product owner or PM. But the real world is imperfect. What do you do when you find yourself sitting by the side of the road with a flat tire and a bleeding head, reading a manual that… Read more

The 5 Secret Jobs of an IT Project Manager

Did you think a Project Manager had just 1 job? There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than simply “managing a project.” PMs are often overwhelmed, and always looking for spare time between meetings to get work done. They are pulled in a number of directions, and can easily be distracted from more important tasks. If they’re not… Read more

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A Day in the Life of an IT Project Manager

IT project managers cover a lot of ground during the workday. From meetings with their team, business counterparts, stakeholders, and users, to prep work before and after meetings, to sending ad hoc communications as the project demands, PMs are birds in flight. Let’s follow along a day in the life of a typical project manager… Read more

Abraic Requirements Definition Tips

Tips for a Better Requirements Definition Phase

Across the board, successful IT projects follow a certain recipe for success. Time and time again, however, you’ll see organizations skip this step, or that step, and the result can be less than satisfactory. One such example is the Requirements Definition phase, which answers the most basic questions: “What needs to happen?” and “Why does… Read more