Dan Hopmans

Dan Hopmans

Dan is a Certified Associate Project Manager. His responsibilities at Abraic include onsite coordination, facilitation, project assessment and delivery, operations, and more.

Blog Posts

Being a Leader in a Non-Leadership Role

The presence of “manager” or “director” in your title does not make you a leader. Being a leader is not about officially holding the power to make a decision, supervising others while they do the grunt work, or making the most money. Leadership is a skill, not a role. Leadership is the ability to connect with those around you and shepherd a team toward a successful outcome, to see the bigger picture, and to do what’s right—not what’s easy. You don’t need a specific title to do that.

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The Cost of Quality

Every organization thinks about the quality of the goods and services they produce. After all, their name is on the line. Not all companies, however, pay attention to the money they’re spending to reach that level of quality. On average, a company’s total cost of quality is equal to about 25% of their sales. Keep in mind this is only an average—some spend as much as 40-50%. These big spenders are the ones who can benefit most from tracking their cost of quality.

IT departments are increasingly responsible for not only the quality of internal IT services and projects, but also for customer-facing deliverables. Digital transformations are sweeping across businesses in all industries, heightening the need for IT leaders to understand, analyze, and track this key metric.


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