James Healey

James Healey

James brings strong IT project management, process improvement, strategy execution, entrepreneurship, and leadership capabilities to each Abraic client engagement.

Blog Posts

PM Pointers: 3 Ways to Maximize Success with Inter-Team Dependencies

Managing an IT project often requires working with resources across other teams—not just those fully allocated to your initiative. Supporting resources and teams can be important to the success of your project. (Ideally, all the resources you need are fully dedicated to your project. In reality, this isn’t always possible.) How do you ensure your… Read more

Shining a Light on Shadow IT

Too often, Shadow IT systems—those not authorized by IT—are used by the business to perform work. Here are a few common examples: A cloud storage system (such as SharePoint) may be authorized and managed by IT, but employees may use external cloud applications (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) when working with external vendors. A collaboration tool (such… Read more