Maria Kremneva

Maria Kremneva

Maria Kremneva is an accomplished business process innovator and operations executive. She holds a master's degree from St. Petersburg University and an executive MBA from EDHEC, Paris.

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Overcoming a Fear of Innovation Risk: Data, Prototypes, and Diversification

Innovation exhibits a contradictory nature. Innovative organizations perform better and adapt faster to a constantly changing business environment. They create new fields to play in and new standards to reach for. But innovation is also considered to be very risky and fear of failure often makes us reluctant to innovate. Can we effectively manage these risks and fears in order to implement innovative ideas?

When we take a risk, we act in spite of uncertainty and expose ourselves to danger. Most of us have an innate fear of unexpected events. Is it just a psychological issue? Should we simply practice being courageous, foster risk-taking, and thus overcome this obstacle using brute force? Or are there sound strategies innovators lean on that naturally reduce the fear of poor outcomes?

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Exploring the Benefits of the I.D.E.A. Continuous Process Improvement Model

Value creation is the main goal of any business. Managers should make decisions in order to maximize the value of their company, using minimal resources.

Many organizations utilize Lean management strategies to prioritize customer interests and enable workers to improve processes. Instead of the optimization of separate processes, Lean thinking focuses on processes alignment and continuous improvement.


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