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Nicole Mills

Strategy, leadership, culture, team dynamics, performance management, change management, Agile, organizational structure, and operations.

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Avoid These 3 Traps When Intervening On Team Performance

How is it that some people can inspire us to strive for greatness while others turn us off?

For me, one of those amazing leaders was my high school biology teacher, Mr. Kaziersky. He knew how to engage, inspire, and motivate his students to achieve outstanding results. Our classes consistently outperformed our peers on AP exams and SATs. What was so remarkable was that he didn’t always have the best or brightest students. There was something about his approach and the learning environment he created that enabled us to thrive.

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Stop Talking Past Each Other! Improve Communication by Tuning Into Your Dominant “Language”

Do you ever have those moments in a conversation when you can tell that you just aren’t on the same page as the other person? You’re saying similar words, but your wires are getting crossed. For some reason, you just don’t understand things the same way. It is a frustrating, confusing, and time-consuming phenomenon. Miscommunication also wreaks havoc on team productivity. The good news is you can put a stop to these issues once you understand power of communication styles and how they influence what people say, hear, and think. 

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Build an Unbeatable Team Culture with 4 Simple Techniques

In work, as in life, we can’t succeed on our own. In fact, the cornerstone of execution, change, and success in any organization is not a single person, but rather teams of people who work together to make things happen.

But why is it that some teams knock it out of the park while others struggle? The secret lies with organizational leadership and management—are you giving your teams what they need to succeed?


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Abraic presenting at SIM Connect Live 2018

Abraic Presenting at SIM Connect Live

We at Abraic often hear from CIOs about their struggle to define “digital transformation” for their organization and develop strategies for real change.

We will be addressing these challenges at our upcoming SIM Connect Live Conference seminar: Digital Transformation Reality Check: How Does Your Company Measure Up?  (Thurs 4/12, 11am). This session will tackle how to define, manage, troubleshoot, and communicate goals and outcomes during an organization-wide transformation—digital or otherwise. (more…)

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