Blossman Gas

The Client: Having been in business for over 60 years, Blossman Gas is one of the nation’s leading natural gas providers.

The Problem: Blossman Gas began the process to upgrade their outdated and highly customized ERP software. After months of working on the upgrade, however, it was decided that external resources and expertise were necessary to complete the project within the scheduled time-frame.

The Solution: Abraic was brought on to help reassess the project, objectives, and methodology. Abraic was able to help implement a newer version of the software with a significantly lower level of customization. Additionally, with this software version, Blossman Gas was able to take advantage of the features available in the new release.

From the Client

“I’m very happy I chose Abraic. Their drive to exceed our expectations and the dedication of each and every member of the team throughout the project make it very easy for me to recommend them.”

Corky Crow, Blossman Gas