Crane & Co.

The Client: Crane & Co is one of the oldest manufacturers of paper products in the US, providing material for the production of currencies around the world.

The Challenge: Crane & Co had been running an ERP package that was implemented 15 years ago. In the passing time, Crane’s business practices changed according to market conditions. Additionally, the manufacturer of their ERP software had provided numerous improvements – as a result, Crane was unable to take full advantage of the opportunities that their system had to offer.

The Solution: Abraic conducted a comprehensive assessment of the ERP software, and recommended a set of short- and long-term initiatives that are now underway for implementation, such as a center of excellence so as to keep the ERP software current and maintained.

From the Client

“Consulting firms rarely combine both great vision and an ability to executive. Abraic is unique because they’ve been able to consistently deliver both to us.”

CIO of Crane & Co