What Are Your CFO Counterparts Learning? A Recap of the 2019 CFO Leadership Conference

The CFO Leadership Council recently hosted its 9th annual national conference in Boston. Andrey Alekseyev and I were fortunate enough to be in attendance for the first time. Over 400 senior financial executives gathered in Boston, MA for two days to discuss and dig deep into the complexities of being a modern CFO. In case you missed it, we took notes. Below are our key takeaways and summaries of a few memorable sessions.

As you would expect, CFOs are focused on the staples of financial success—namely, ROI and outcomes. But the modern CFO is also concerned with far more than just the finance function of their organization. Today’s CFOs are invested in digital transformation and what technology can do for their business across the entire organization. In a way, this strategic shift has revolutionized the role of forward-looking CFO.

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SIM Connect Live 2018 Conference Roundup

Did you miss SIM Connect Live in Dallas last month?  Don’t worry – we took notes.

For the 50th anniversary event, SIM put together something special for all ages and career stages. From youth groups presenting their world-class innovations to seasoned IT professionals and CIOs sharing their thoughts as they exit the industry, there was much to learn. We’ve put together a breakdown of our favorite sessions to keep you informed. (more…)

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Abraic presenting at SIM Connect Live 2018

Abraic Presenting at SIM Connect Live

We at Abraic often hear from CIOs about their struggle to define “digital transformation” for their organization and develop strategies for real change.

We will be addressing these challenges at our upcoming SIM Connect Live Conference seminar: Digital Transformation Reality Check: How Does Your Company Measure Up?  (Thurs 4/12, 11am). This session will tackle how to define, manage, troubleshoot, and communicate goals and outcomes during an organization-wide transformation—digital or otherwise. (more…)

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