Nicole Mills

Nicole is an experienced business executive, strategist, analyst, project manager, and coach, with an extensive track record of driving growth and change.

Nicole has worked in multiple sectors and across all functional domains to develop aligned strategies, tactical execution plans, strategic and operational KPI’s, best practices for agile management, as well as coaching business lines and functions on how to develop Team Operating System for high performance.  Nicole has strong expertise in growth & diversification strategy, developing advanced analytics as a strategic asset, developing a data hungry management culture, establishing best practices for project management and change management, and coaching leaders and managers around achieving high performance.

As a Vice President of Strategy, Nicole successfully implemented agile methodologies across business operations, including agile approaches to strategic business planning, operational planning across all business lines & corporate functions, and M&A integration and new business line start-ups.  Nicole is also a highly experienced facilitator, having facilitated strategy and operational planning sessions with executives, managers, and employees for the purpose of developing and implementing various initiatives for growth and change.  As an adjunct professor, Nicole has lectured on corporate and business unit strategy, marketing strategy, and strategic management and execution to undergrads at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University.