Clients most often hire us for:

Change Management

The success of an IT project depends on adoption by the organization. We design and manage comprehensive programs that target internal alignment, build momentum, establish governance, and ensure adoption. Training users, implementing comprehensive communications plans, and gaining executive support are among our strengths.

Strategy Execution Management

Crafting strategy maps, defining KPIs, establishing role and responsibilities, and a thoughtful communications plan are just some of the elements required to ensure your strategy is embraced and realized throughout the organization.

Implementations, Reimplementations & Upgrades

Implementing a new system or upgrading an existing one does not end on the go-live date. We build teams of system experts and technical/functional gurus who focus on deriving value from the investment.

Even after many years of post-implementation improvements, most organizations fail to derive the benefits they expected from their hefty investment in a system. A reimplementation often resets their woes, and allows teams to do what they do best without a technology headache.

System Integrations

A fully integrated IT ecosystem means that data is only entered in one place. Integration will help your organization cut down on inconsistencies and time spent on data entry.

Maintenance and Support

Your internal customer satisfaction is highly dependent on the quality of maintenance and support. Let us establish an effective and economically viable maintenance and support model for you.

Failure Assessment & Remediation Planning

Do you have a project that is in jeopardy of going over budget, off schedule, or not delivering the benefits defined in the business case? Let us provide an analysis and get-well plan to help put the project back on track.

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