Our team has top-notch expertise in the following IT solution categories:


ERP Systems

Abraic’s history is rooted in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. We have extensive experience with most major ERP packages, and a particularly long track record with JD Edwards/Oracle. However, we are not a reseller and do not receive revenue from software providers. Autonomy from any given vendor is one way to ensure we offer an independent perspective to our customers.

Our 360-degree view of ERP value is grounded in decades of hands-on experience with many ERP packages, coupled with IT strategy, program portfolio management, solution delivery, project management, risk management, and change management.

Clients hire us for new implementations and eventual rollouts to multiple subdivisions, system integrations, system upgrades, maintenance and support, reporting enhancements, or simply for solving urgent issues.

A special note on re-implementations: Even after many years of post-implementation improvements, many organizations still fail to derive the benefits they expected from their hefty investment in ERP. For these firms, a reimplementation resets their ERP woes, and allows them to do what they do best without a technology headache. This is where we shine.

We build teams of ERP experts and technical/functional gurus who focus on deriving value, increasing quality, and capturing success. If you require assistance with project management, we supply qualified PMPs with multiple successful ERP implementations under their belts. If your team needs technical or application training, we can put you on the path to self-sufficiency.


BI Systems

In our view, a Business Intelligence (BI) system is not just a reporting tool. BI can unlock the true value of a business application investment. Data is a digital asset that every organization possesses, but few are able to leverage to its full potential.

Our approach in delivering a scalable BI solution is to align its capabilities with strategic objectives of the organization, as well as the cascading objectives of key departments. We focus on streamlining the executive decision making process, while keeping an eye on future growth and data integration opportunities.


CRM Systems

When implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, we concentrate on solving the biggest pain points first: a lack of centralized customer knowledge, communication delays, prolonged sales cycles, uncertainty about brand perception in the market, lost opportunities, and lost revenue.

With these primary targets in foreground, we meticulously manage the technical details of the actual CRM roll out.


Cloud Solutions

Far from being just a fad, cloud software solutions have carved a very comfortable niche in the IT stack.

SaaS is a smart choice for its positive effect on uptime, payroll cost, return on asset ratio, and other IT KPIs. More importantly, moving to the cloud allows IT to spend less time keeping the lights on, and more time on creating business value.

We can assist in designing a solution architecture, selecting the right cloud service, implementing, testing, and establishing a continuous improvement process.


EPM Systems

The key to successfully implementing an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution is integration. We help clients select tools and techniques that are already familiar to the business users.

EPM creates a flow of information to a decision support and planning framework. We apply our real-world experience with Balanced Scorecard, KPIs, activity-based costing, forecasting, Lean Six Sigma, and planning methodologies.


No matter what you’re wrestling with, the Abraic team has a proven process for assessing implementing and integrating IT systems of all shapes and sizes, designed to deliver tangible business outcomes.